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SCAPE  |  Series One 2017
SCAPE are one-off ceramic forms sculpted by Bruce Rowe. Each SCAPE is presented in a custom box with felt insert, signed and authenticated by Rowe. Available from HUB Furniture, SCAPE - Series One 2017 is a limited collection of 100 unique pieces. 

SCAPE is generated from a focused and intuitive sculpting process. The resulting object and its coloured surface keenly observes the tactility, tones and materiality of the earth. Burnt oranges, campfire blacks, bush greens, smoke whites and rust are all evoked in the colour palette. The ceramic pieces in each set can be removed from their box, arranged and re-arranged as desired. Each new arrangement creates an ever-expanding field of imagination. 

Each boxed set of geometric forms has been made by Rowe using a diverse range of Australian clays and finished using glazes created specifically for the project. The intensive making process of sculpting, shaping, finishing and glazing each form results in a unique set that cannot be reproduced or repeated.
  • Scape :: Series 01 Box and Lid
  • Scape :: Series 01 Open box
  • Scape :: Pieces removed from the box and arranged as a scape
  • Scape :: satin white glaze boxed sets
  • Scape :: Olive green glaze
  • Scape :: Olive green glaze removed from the box and arranged
  • Scape :: The nine claybody and glaze combinations of Series One 2017
Each SCAPE is individually boxed, numbered and signed by Rowe.
Available through Hub Furniture from 15th December 2017. 
RRP $395.00 AUD