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STRUCTURES 2015-2016
The pieces represented here have been drawn from an ongoing body of work that is positioned between Bruce Rowe's creative disciplines of art and design. The work represents a practice of visual inquiry that has run concurrently with roles in the design and architecture professions over the last twenty years. Whilst this work is now deeply embedded within the creative activities of the Anchor studio, it’s more often a catalyst for the design process at Anchor, rather than having a direct and traceable connection to a specific design outcome or product.

The decision to exhibit this body of work has evolved through a series of ongoing conversations with Jaci Foti-Lowe, the owner and director of Hub Furniture“It was on my first visit to Bruce’s studio that I fell in love with five very small pieces. They were perfect in colour, form and solidly resonated with an architectural familiarity that was hard to ignore. Bruce, in his quiet and understated way, kindly shared a few other pieces he had been working on, similar but larger and more complex. Over the next six months the discourse continued and I’m thrilled this has evolved into the exhibitions we will be holding in our showrooms,” says Jaci.   
The exhibition, entitled Structures 2015 - 2016  is the first in a new series of art and design initiatives Hub will be launching. “Bruce’s work is pivotal for us, representing the first in a number of collaborations with local and international artists, makers and designers. Structures 2015-2016 is the inaugural event, launching a series of art and design initiatives that we hope will give a voice to both emerging talent or, in the case of Bruce, the chance for a highly recognised artist to explore an area of interest or study,” she says.

The work selected for the exhibitions have both informed and evolved from the production techniques developed for Anchor. In the simplest of explanations, thick slabs of clay are rolled flat and hand cut into a series of abstract forms. Each piece is an unplanned, one-off object that is an artefact or remnant of Bruce's engagement with the material and a reflection on a moment in time. Whilst there is a clear connection to his architectural background and the outputs of the Anchor studio, this direct exploration of making and material is really about maintaining an open-ness to the uncertainty of the creative process.

Photography :: Lisa Cohen