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The first of our tableware products are now available through the Anchor Store. Scroll through the images below or visit the store for pricing and availability.

 All of our tableware is hand thrown on a potter's wheel before being glazed and then fired in a kiln. We make all of our glazes in-house to allow for careful development of colour and finish. Each piece is fired to 1280 degrees C which makes them very tough and well suited to the rigors of daily use.
We've kept the pricing of our tableware deliberately low to encourage use on a daily basis. All pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe and are oven safe from a cool oven.

Most of the pieces are currently available in three glaze colours available; Gloss White, Off White and Oatmeal. Gloss white is a very pure white with a high sheen. Off white has a smooth, satin sheen and oatmeal has a satin sheen with a speckled finish.