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Anchor tiles are handmade in Melbourne, Australia combining design thinking, our studio glaze range and traditional tile making techniques. Beautiful to touch and visually tactile, the range is ideal to soften and warm domestic environments and are equally well-suited to enrich commercial applications that are seeking a hand made aesthetic. Every step of our tile production is undertaken by hand, making each tile a unique object. The stoneware clay is hand rolled, hand cut and then dried carefully over time to prevent warping and cracking. The air-dry tiles are bisque fired and left to cool before the glaze is applied. They are then fired again to 1,280 degrees C to mature the claybody and glaze, finalising the making process. The resulting formats produce a tiled surface that is rich in texture and that celebrate the subtle variations of the hand.
  • 180 Series Tile - 120 x 60 mm size tile
    Fred's :: Acme/Snoop Global :: Mid grey glaze finish. Photo :: Mitch Lui
  • 100 Series Tile
    Austin Design Associates :: Photo :: Derek Swalwell
  • 200 Cut Series Tile
    P&S Showroom :: Terracotta :: Photo :: Lisa Sorgini
  • 100 Series Tile
    Clare Cousins Architects :: Speckled grey glaze finish :: Photo :: Lisbeth Grossmann
  • 100 Series Tile
    Local House - Make Architecture :: Satin Charcoal glaze :: Photo :: Peter Bennetts
Anchor tiles are handmade - really handmade. We roll out the clay by hand, cut each tile by hand, load and unload the kiln by hand, and glaze by hand. Whilst we’re perfectionists in every sense of the word, the handmade framework we operate within results in a finished product with fluctuations in size, finish and colour. We believe this gives each tile a subtle richness that is only achievable through this kind of intensive making process. The evidence of the hand in the finished product is important to us and is hopefully why you have chosen to use our tiles too.

All of our tiles are made to order specific to the project.  Production time will fluctuate a little throughout the course of the year, but generally we suggest allowing 14-18 weeks for areas up to about 20m2. Areas greater than this are no problem for us to produce, but we will need to discuss the lead times in advance.


We have completed a number of projects with either custom glaze finishes and/or custom tile shapes. These projects have been very rewarding creatively and we’ve seen some great outcomes.

These projects are also very resource intensive. Due to these demands and the pressures this places on our handmade production capacity generally, we’ve decided to focus the studio’s energies on the range of tile shapes and glaze finishes outlined in this document and no longer offer either custom glaze finishes or shapes as options.

For information on available tile formats, glaze finishes and pricing contact us directly or 0413 456 981 

As a first step, please contact us directly for imformation on the available tile formats, glaze finishes and pricing. We're currently working to make more of this information available directly through this site, but in the meantime please get in touch.

We understand that you need samples to show your clients and for presentation boards and well, just to have because they’re nice things to hold. We don’t currently charge for these, so please keep the number requested within reason. 

Please contact us with the shape, glaze finish and area in m2 required. The minimum order is 1m2 and tiles can be ordered by the half m2 from thereon in. We suggest a wastage/cutting allowance of 10-15% be included in your m2 calculation. Generally speaking if you are using a larger tile format then a higher wastage percentage should be used. We will not have extra of your tile once production has begun, so please check the area you require carefully. Once ordered, we’ll issue you with an invoice for the tiles and any associated packaging and freight charges. We require a 50% deposit payment to begin production, with the balance payable prior to collection or dispatch. Please send orders and inquiries to: